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Families as Allies

Dear Community Counseling Supervisors and Administrators,

Families as Allies is delighted to be a partner on Community Counseling's recently awarded SAMHSA-funded System of Care Project. As part of our partnership we would like to learn from you what types of support you believe your staff and the people they serve most need right now, particularly in light of COVID-19. We would also like to get your feedback on Families as Allies and how we can strengthen our partnership with you. This survey asks about both issues and will likely take you about 20 minutes to complete. It is not anonymous so that we can get more feedback from you about your recommendations. You will also notice that all questions are open ended so that we can get as much feedback as possible. Your feedback will be used to complete a similar survey of the staff working directly with service recipients. That survey will be anonymous and many answers will have Likert scales. If you have questions about this survey, please contact Joy Hogge, Executive Director, at jhogge@faams.org or 601-355-0915. We appreciate you and your partnership with us.

What is your Name?
What is your role at Community Counseling?
What is the focus of the program(s) you oversee?
What is the geographical area your program(s) serve(s)?
Approximately how many individuals are served by your program(s)?
How much contact do your staff currently have with the individuals served and what is the nature of the contact (for example, phone calls, telehealth, in person with social distancing measures)?
What are your concerns about the individuals you serve through this crisis?
What are your concerns about the individuals you serve in the long run?
What are your concerns about the staff who work in your programs through this crisis?
What are your concerns about the staff who work in your programs in the long run?
What are your concerns about you as an administrator and the programs you oversee during this crisis?
What are your primary concerns about you as an administrator and the programs you oversee in the long run?
How do you think things might be different once we all start returning to previous routines?
Are there any personal concerns or worries you would like to share that might help us know how to be as responsive as possible to the needs people have right now?
Are there any new opportunities that have arisen from this crisis?
Families as Allies is offering the following virtual support during this out break. Please let us know how interested you would be in each one, including whether you would share with families
Telephone outreach to families, including gathering data from families about the effect of the outbreak on them

Webinars about different aspects of coping with COVID, including supporting children’s mental health and how relevant rights in different systems – for families and professionals
Webinars about family driven practice, family run organizations and education advocacy for providers (families always welcome to attend) – this is the same training we do in person
Leadership Training to help families and professionals learn to serve on policy committees
Tailored individual and group coaching re family-driven practice with professionals
Group (and individual by request) supportive coaching for parent peer support specialists
Small group support sessions for peers (families or professionals) to provide support to each other
Virtual family support group
Private Facebook group for families to support each other
Weekly Newsletter with enhanced resources and supports
Specific training and webinars upon request see attached list
Gathering data
Policy analysis, including written briefs
Technical assistance with creating family driven policies and practices
We would appreciate it if you would also respond to some general questions about the work Families as Allies does. Your answers help us learn how to be more responsive to our stakeholders.
How familiar are you with Families as Allies?
What is your overall impression of Families as Allies?
What is your perception of what Families as Allies does?
What do you think the work of family-run organizations is?
When you are working with a family, what would prompt you to suggest they contact Families as Allies?
Have you ever worked with Families as Allies? Approximate date? What was that experience like?
If/when you contact Families as Allies or encourage a family to contact us, what types of things are you expecting we will be able to do?
What is your definition of advocacy? Of an advocate?
When you think about the types of problems that the individuals served in your program experience, what do you think are some of the main factors you think lead to those problems?
When you think about the individuals receiving services that you work with, what are some of the barriers that you (not they) experience that can make it hard for you to work with them?